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Keeping Personal Histories Clean 

When a business is dedicated to protecting personal information, we take care of everything from credit monitoring to fraud resolution. Whether a thief is after tax return information or employment records, our New York, New York-based company ensures that all personal information is kept safe. At BFR SECURID, we offer identity theft protection that covers medical records, tax information, and military records.

Medical Theft


Proactive tips and education for protecting identity, financial, insurance, medical history or insurance information, claims or reimbursement. Assistance in guiding path for correcting fraudulent misuse.

  • Assist in facilitating the detection and correction of fraudulent entries to patient medical records
  • Provide guidance in resolving fraudulent claims and billings with doctors, hospitals and often-relentless collection agencies
  • Assist in facilitating the correction of errors to medical records
  • Assist in recovering missing medical records and bills
  • Assist in the placement of preventative measures, which may include fraud alerts, security freezes, and/or credit monitoring
Tax ID


Tax related events (income tax filings, refunds) which involved fraudulent use of social security number within tax filings.

  • Determine and verify if the individual is a victim of identity-related tax fraud
  • Provide guidance in assisting in providing the IRS with claims and documentation and in correcting tax records
  • Prevent future identity theft by assisting in requesting to have an identity theft marker placed on the individual’s files (may cause a delay in receiving refund)
  • Assist in resolving tax-filing issues so victim may receive the applicable tax refund


In the event where an individual’s identity is used to obtain employment or has been falsely linked to crime, provide assistance in guiding through the resolution of restoring identity.

  • Assist with contacting governmental agencies to investigate and restore the individual’s identity
  • Assist in the placement of preventative measures which may include fraud alerts, security freezes, and /or credit monitoring
Financial Fraud


Provide assistance and resolution when an individual’s financial information has been lost, stolen, experienced account takeover or fraudulently used, including situations where financial information is incorrectly linked to outstanding collection debt of another individual.

  • Assist in directing to applicable government agencies, credit companies to rectify and restore the individual’s identity.
  • Assist in placement of fraud alerts to help impede new credit-related crime from happening again
  • Provide education about debt tagging, what it is and the impacts
  • Review credit reports to determine if an individual is a victim
  • Follow-up call six months after resolution to ensure no further fraudulent activity has surfaced.