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Protecting People From Identity Fraud 

There are several situations that may lead to compromised information, but the experts at BFR SECURID have engineered specialized services to prevent any financial damage. Located in New York, New York, we are dedicated to keeping identities safe, so we offer everything from identity fraud notification to document replacement services.

Proactive Services


When financial or identity documents have been lost and no fraud usage of accounts has occurred, the resoluton center provides assistance in payment card and document replacement and education to mitigate impacts.

  • Assistance in placing a fraud alert on the victim’s credit file to deter identity thieves from opening new accounts
  • Provide guidance in replacing stolen documents such as birth certificates, driver’s licenses, passports, and tax documents
  • Assist in filing police reports


Personalized, one-on-one assistance is provided to help restore an individual’s identity. The Fraud Specialist facilitates the entire notification and documentation process including:

  • Placing fraud alerts, notifying creditors/agencies, replacing financial / identity documents.
  • Filing identity theft expense reimbursement insurance (if applicable).
  • Follow-up call six months after resolution to ensure no further fraudulent activity has surfaced.
  • When personal data has been compromised, a Fraud Specialist acts swiftly to safeguard identity and help prevent further damage. Depending on nature of the compromise, victims may receive one year of free credit or fraud monitoring.


Provide guidance in explaining the external communication and remediation offered to protect the data breach victim.

  • Guide victim thru the breach notification and remediation offered.
  • If needed, assist in the placement of a fraud alert.
  • In the event of fraud, if the individual is not receiving satisfactory services through the recommended event remediation services, resolutions services would be provided. (Credit monitoring may apply.)