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Proactive Identity Management Services

Roughly 12.7 million adults were victims of identity fraud in 2014, according to Javelin Strategy & Research™. Identity fraud incidence increased in 2015.

Peace of Mind for Your Customers

The difference between most personal identity protection services and BFR SECURID is simple. It's the difference between a basic solution and one that is proactive and complete. BFR SECURID of New York, New York, is brought to you by Business Financial Resources and takes a uniquely comprehensive and personal approach to identity management. Unlike other solutions that focus on detecting identity theft after it has happened, BFR SECURID combines proactive education and protective strategies with premier personalized and expert resolution services. Plus, we provide detecting solutions to those who are most vulnerable to fraud or identity theft.

Identity risks are constantly evolving. So are we. We've added new enhancements to address digital threats stemming from social media use, data breaches, and more. With BFR SECURID, you, your employees, and their household family members get access to a seamless, one-stop identity management solution.




Proactive Services

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Consumer Benefits

Experienced Advocacy 
We provide your customers with personal assistance from a team of dedicated experts.

Proactive Education & Guidance
Our experts are available to arm your customers with knowledge that helps minimize the risk of identity theft.

Swift Incident Resolution
We help your customers navigate the system and quickly and cost effectively undo the harm caused by identity theft.

Reliable Presence
No matter what life has in store for your customers-getting married or divorced, having a child, moving, traveling, or facing natural disasters—we offer them a reliable identity management resource for an added layer of protection against identity fraud during times when they are potentially more vulnerable.

Emotional Support & Peace of Mind
With skill and compassion, we work with your customers to protect and rebuild their identities.

Keep your information safe with proactive security.
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Customized Solutions with Partner Benefits

We provide the tools, services, and marketing support you need to raise program awareness and ensure success. Your customers need a full-service identity management solution and fraud prevention. You can provide it with BFR SECURID brought to you by Business Financial Resources. The benefits of our services include:

Competitive Advantage
We offer your customers expert, personal, identity management services without additional resource investments, and our services are available at a fraction of the cost of implementing your own program.

Help your customers mitigate the risk of identity theft with comprehensive, proactive educational services, solutions, and guidance.

Customer Loyalty
Strengthen your company brand and deepen customer bonds by providing a value-added solution that helps them manage and protect their identities. Use our tools and services for relationship marketing.

Marketing Support
Leverage our customizable marketing support to help maximize value and usage without taxing your marketing teams.

Revenue Generation
Attract additional revenue through an integrated solution that functions as an extension of your brand.

Bring innovative, customized identity management services to market quickly.


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